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Where does the demolition debris go?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Believe it or not in Northern Virginia we take our refuse to four (4) separate places. The material that can not be recycled goes to the dump. (wood, dry wall, roofing materials, etc.) Any and all metals including water piping, copper, steel beams, aluminum gutters, etc. go to a recycling facility. The concrete foundation goes to a concrete recycling plant to be remade into coarse aggregates to use as structural fill. The last load of brick, block, and stone also goes to a recycling plant to be made into aggregate for onsite construction entrances. This is used as a primary means of erosion control in limiting the amount of silt that makes its way from the site into the road and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. #doingourpart #savethebay #ForzaCor

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