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What is a BMP?

BMP stands for Best Management Practice. Its definition in a nutshell is an application that is determined to be an effective means of preventing or reducing the amount of pollution generated by stormwater & surface runoff from the development of land to a level compatible with water quality goals.

Forza Cor is an expert at installing and array of practices that comply with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality or DEQ for short. Some of these include rain gardens, bio ponds, planter boxes, dry swales, compost amended soils, vegetated roofs, permeable pavers, & Infiltration Trenches (as seen here).

Ask us what we can do to improve your water quality runoff needs. #BMP #ForzaCor #yeahwedothat #stormwater #perviouspavers #planterbox #raingarden #dryswale #biopond #infiltrationtrench #vegetatedroof #permeablepavers #stormwatermanagement #DEQ

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